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In 1992,TBM BLANCO MACAEL was founded with the assistance of the quarries of Sierra de Macael.

The objective of the company is to take advantage of the substainable materials drawn from these quarries, bringing the highest of quality products onto the market.

The hall marks of TBM are their different products, natural and sustainable, aligned with proffesional service and strict quality control.

TBM Blanco Macael has 140 associate companies, bringing with them the same passion for the culture of the white stone.


R&D: In preparation of the manufacturing process and new products we focus on the development and continuos improvement of our matreial lines.

QUALITY AND CONSISTENCY: In our laboratory we analyse and classify the homogenous products through accurate testing.

TBM Blanco Macael are specialists in prepartion of basic products of Blanco Macael marble, this is why we have one of the purest grades of whiteness in the world at 98.5%.

ENVIROMENT: Revaluating the materials we provide our partners, always seeking the maximum use of natural resources.

Our commitment in the process of production and inviromental issues is totaly without compromise and to this end we have achieved a no waste policy.

-Quality and environmental policy.

-Good environmental practices


We have the most advanced infastructure for the development of our three product lines.

Our production plant of 130,000sqmt has the capacity to produce over 750,000 tons a year.
We also have R&D for the analysis and development of our products.

We have research agreements with the Technology Center For Stone/CTAP and several universities.



Triturados Blanco Macael, considers quality and respect for the environment as an important part of its activity.

Our main purpose is to achieve the full satisfaction of our customers by fulfilling their expectations and causing the least possible environmental impact. To achieve this, we will rely on the following principles:

-Accomplishment of the applicable legal and regulatory requirements, as well as any other that the organization subscribes.

-We commit ourselves to the approach in risk management, for the continuous improvement and effectiveness of the Quality Management System and the Environment.

-Prevent and minimize the environmental impact on the actions derived from our activities.

-Search for the integration and active participation of all staff and stakeholders in the commitment to quality and the environment, through their training and awareness, providing appropriate means and equipment.

-Develop the involvement and awareness of company personnel and our suppliers in terms of protection and respect for the Environment, as a guarantee of the Environmental Management System.

-Good internal management: gestional offices and production, so as to reduce negative environmental impacts and the use of resources mainly electricity, diesel, paper and water.


Management undertakes to ensure its application and periodically review its content, adapting it to the nature of the activities and their environmental impacts.

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